Why is Linking Important in SEO

When you create content for your site, your main goal is to have others read it and share it. The call to action is either to purchase your product, talk about your topic, or to have yourself considered an expert in a certain industry. The best type of linking is when it comes to you organically. People read your content, and willingly link to your site without your asking. This means they understand and believe in your content. That also means that visitors to that foreign blog will find your link and come to your site to know more about you. If you’re not getting enough organic linksindex, you’ll find yourself talking to other sites to link your content and this is important too. There are many ways to get your links to other site. The question is however why is it important?

Linking is important because it:

–          Helps you gain a larger audience. When you get others to link your content to their sites, you are immediately given a chance to tap into a different audience. If you write with authority and people agree with your thoughts, they’re likely to find your site and subscribe to it. Thus, you build a wider audience through links.

–          If you’re in a particular industry, for example food industry, you can create a brand around your products. When others link to you, search engines will take notice that your content is authentic and useful. The more other people in the same industry link your content to theirs, the higher your credibility. You build a brand of honest and useful information.

–          More links means more people coming to your site, and your reputation rises. This translates into sales if you’re doing it for money. The more generous you are with information, the more trustworthy people view you. They are able to seek you out to learn more from you, and you’re able to market any product you want to sell more easily.

–          Of course, you have to return the generosity of others. You too should link other people’s content on your site. The higher your rank, the more boosts you’ll give to a newer site. If you’re not generous, you’ll be unable to build long lasting relationships with other site owners. In the long run, you might end up losing the goodwill you get from the people who’ve linked your content. So, link other people too, on your blog.

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Be prudent when you’re seeking to link or for others to link your content. You want to remain an authority in your industry. Share articles that match yours, and that relate to your industry. Write good content and don’t mislead your audience in any way.